Things to know before getting eyelash extensions

With eyelash extensions, it can make you have a simple look to a glamorous one. All can be done at eyelash extensions dallas. Your eyelash will be given a fuller look which you cannot get by just applying mascara. The extensions can enhance the fullness, length, and thickness of your eyelashes.

You have the option of choosing between silk, mink, human hair, or synthetic. Here are some of the things which you will need to know before you put on an eyelash extension.
• There is a variety of them namely mink, silk, and synthetic. Mink is what looks like natural eyelash as it is light feathered and tends to be soft but you will need to use more money to purchase it. silk and synthetic can be customized to achieve a more natural look thereby saving money. You also have an option of choosing between the curly look, how long, and the density of your lash extension.
• To put on your eyelash extension, it requires gluing one after the other using a semi-permanent glue. You will have to do all this while your eyes are closed so that no glue goes into your eyes as it could end up on the lips of your eyelid.
• The process of fixing the eyelash extension ought to be painless. If you feel any burning sensation or any sort of discomfort, you will need to alert whoever is doing the job as this not need to happen.
• Because the eyelash extension is glued directly to your natural lashes, it means that they will last for the entire cycle of your lashes meaning, they will stay on until your natural eyelashes fall off. This is something that happens after 6 up to 8 weeks. To get a fresh look, you can have them redone every four weeks.

Posted on May 8, 2020